The Vital Tool for HR Professionals


The Performance Barometer has been designed to help organisations that want to transform their productivity through the development of a high performing culture.

By completing the questionnaire you will have a qualitative and quantitative document which you can use as a basis for discussion with your CEO/MD and senior management.


The questionnaire consists of 59 questions in 7 sections namely:

1. Stakeholder engagement
2. Culture and climate
3. Innovation
4. Goal orientation  and measurement
5. People development
6. Communications
7. Leadership
It should take about 60 minutes to complete. There is also a facility to write free text answers as this enriches our understanding of your organisation.

The organisation’s  progress can be monitored  by completing the questionnaire again in say a year’s time to review progress and identify what further improvements can be  made.

Completing the questionnaire can raise awareness and identify areas where there is a knowledge gap which is valuable information for HR.

Act now and make sure you are ahead of the game.


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