Unlocking the doors to sustained success within your company through HR

We believe coaching is one of the most powerful tools to develop successful HR professionals.

Individual Coaching and Mentoring Programmes for HR professionals

Our team of coaches can provide:

  • HR Coaching
    Whatever stage you are in your career coaching we can help you take the next step. It increases your awareness to spot opportunities that enable you to grow and gain increased visibility and credibility within your organisation. Being able to ‘speak the same language’ as your key stakeholders is vital in gaining their respect and support. Through our coaching you will gain the confidence you need to progress and at a pace that keeps you in control
  • HR Performance Coaching
    There is an ever increasing demand for HR managers to sustain high levels of performance in themselves and others. Balancing your own development needs with that of your team can be very challenging. Bringing about collaboration and a sense of working together amongst a disparate group of people requires high levels of interpersonal skills. Through our coaching you will fine tune your ability to deal with all different types of personalities to get the best from them and yourself.
  • HR Management Transition Coaching
    There may be times in your career when you apply for a new position or find yourself having been made redundant. Either way this is a stressful time when clear thinking is needed. Our coaching programmes help you reflect on what you actually want to do a in your career and know where and how to achieve it. We ensure that your CV really reflects who you are and what you can offer and finally we make sure that you make a positive impact at interviews.
  • HR Entrepreneur Coaching
    Setting up your own business can sound very exciting; but is it right for you?  Being knowledgeable as to what is involved such as legal requirements, key skills, time commitment etc are invaluable before taking that leap. It may be that you are already in business and need that extra support to help you grow and prosper. Our coaching programmes help you explore and consider the options, find out what is best for you and make sure you have access to all the resources you need.
  • Interim HR
    There are times when you will need an extra pair of hands . We provide an experienced and qualified HR professional to work with you on or off site for one or more days a month. We can help with issues around dismissals, long term sickness, poor performance, appraisals, attracting and inducting new employees. We can also help with contracts of employment, employee handbooks and a range of policies and procedures.
  • HR Mentoring
    If you are newly qualified or a less experienced HR professional who needs the right advice, guidance and encouragement to fast track your career path we provide qualified and experienced HR professionals to work with you. They provide a blend of coaching and mentoring to develop your expertise and prevent you from making fundamental mistakes along the way.